In the future every home will be designed and built for everyone at every age. That future starts here. Now.

What is BLD™?

Better Living Design™ is a sensible design approach to improve how homes are designed, built and remodeled in America. The BLD Institute™ promotes, educates and encourages wide adoption of Better Living Design™ practices.

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This orange and yellow colored house shows two-stories of the house from the front.  The house is situated on a small lot in a neighborhood with homes close by on each side.  A sidewalk runs across the bottom of the image, in front of the homes. A pathway leads from the sidewalk to the at-grade entrance. Plantings and an arbor are located in front of the house and trees are on either side. BLD Criteria™
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The first image is a close up view of the front porch, revealing the three stairs, the white support posts, plantings around the walkway and porch. The second shot shows the porch and in the rear, the breezeway leading up from the driveway. Two white rocking chairs are sitting on the porch. BLD Approved Projects

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